4 Vital Tips to Successfully Sell on Instagram  

Instagram is an impeccable showcase your service or product. There’re a lot of users who use Instagram to be aware of all the news of their favorite brands and enjoy the benefits of promotions made on Instagram. Here I will share with you essential tips to sell on Instagram and get your products reach a larger number of potential customers.

Though it isn’t online sales platform, it can help you increase your sales and make some of your Instagram followers to become customers. For this purpose, you must learn to manage your brand's profile in appropriate way. Here I leave some of the most important pieces of advice.

I – Detail Your Service/Product

Although we always talk about the human side of our business or brand on Instagram and other social networks, it is important to remember that your Instagram followers are interested in the products or services you sell. So it’s important to schedule a series of weekly entries dedicated to show your products in a direct way and closer to your Instagram followers so that they can become your customers. In addition, the feedback received after the publication can help you know if your potential customers are enjoying your products.

II – Make Promotions Directly

One technique works best on selling through social networks is creating promotions or offers. To get a good response from the public on your promotions, you should keep in mind that Instagram is designed to share images, so the promotion has to be understood without reading the caption.

Use images that blend photograph or illustration with typography and synthesize information to the maximum so that this comes in a direct and simple way and any user can see the image and understand on your feed.

III – Never Hide the Promotional Specifics

When you use Instagram for promotions, you must make clear all the details of the promotion in the publication. The most important information should appear in the image as it is the first thing that your Instagram followers will see, and once they have stopped to look your promotion, they should have access to all the details. You can use the caption and take advantage to explain all the details such as how to get discounts, promotional conditions, etc.

IV– Advertise

Advertise your brand for an affordable price for both large brands and small. Before you advertise, you must study the industry you target and how you will get the attention of your Instagram followers and potential customers. Ads in Instagram have very good acceptance by users and their level of engagement is usually quite high.

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